A list of content that has been featured on the front page of the Pocket Rumble wiki.

Deciding what content is featured Edit

Currently Bruce, the wiki admin, decides what is featured.

Hopefully we can come up with something more collaborative and democratic in future. Please share your ideas about how to do that if you have them.

 Videos Edit

Date featured Author
Early 2015 Cardboard Robot Games
Kickstarter Video (60FPS)08:03

Kickstarter Video (60FPS)

Pocket Rumble Alpha Gameplay03:03

Pocket Rumble Alpha Gameplay

4 July 2015 Cardboard Robot Games
Pocket Rumble Alpha v0.2.0 Tenchi vs00:55

Pocket Rumble Alpha v0.2.0 Tenchi vs. Naomi Gameplay

Fan art Edit

Date featured Author Content
4 July 2015 Otaku Jay Pocket Rumble cast and Baz from Divekick

Podcasts Edit

Date featured


Early 2015 Shoryuken interview:

Pocket Rumble Interview with Cardboard Robot Games (September 2013)

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