Vital statistics
Position Ghost
Age 17-18 (At Death)
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

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June takes on a gothic appearance and has a ghostly outline since she is dead. She has long, black hair that covers her left eyes, and a headband with a skull. With her ghostly appearance, she also seems to lack facial features with only a wide opened blank eye. She wears a japanese female school uniform which consists of a shirt with a bow, and a skirt. She also wears black fingerless gloves, ankle high socks, and shoes. It is not known about what the color of her clothing actually are since she is a ghost with an eerie dull cyan tone.

As seen with her glowing hand, June seems to posses magical ghostly powers.

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Moveset Edit

June is a zoner with lots of versatile pressure options, making her naturally excellent at keeping her opponent on their feet. She can throw out a wall of projectiles and poke with her long-range normals, or mix things up with her fast teleport dash and powerful cross-ups.

Movement Options Edit

Double-tapping forward or back activates June's teleport dash, during which she sends out a ghostly image of herself in the chosen direction and instantly warps to its location when the direction is released. It is infinitely extendable and can cross through opponents, but her starting position is completely vulnerable until the teleport itself occurs.

Normals Edit

Input Description Frame Data Notes
5A A quick jab. Chains into itself.
5B A long, horizontal spike from her hair. Knocks down
2A A "snip" with two twisting locks of her hair that reaches halfway across the screen. Low
2B An underground hair drill attack. 2 hits, low, juggles
Jumping A Similar to her 2A, but in midair and angled downwards. Overhead
Jumping B June extends her hair into dozens of spiky bristles, covering her entire body in a hitbox. Overhead

Specials Edit

Name Input Description Frame Data Notes
3A June throws her head as a projectile as it sprouts snakes for hair and moves in a sinewave pattern. Disappears on contact with another projectile, if used while one is already active the former projectile vanishes
1A June's head disappears into the ground, then comes back up under her opponent. Must be blocked low. Attack will not make contact if the opponent is jumping.
3B June's head spirals diagonally upwards, transforms into a massive mouth, then slams downwards in front of her. Disappears on contact with another projectile.
1B June's body transforms into a cannon, then launches her head like a cannonball a short distance. Her head turns into a small circular object which floats for a small duration, dealing damage on contact. Grants invincibility for the first few frames.

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Strategy Edit

June's overall strategy during a game is generally pressure oriented. A lot of her moves have very long ranges, allowing her to keep pushing her opponent away with the appropriate reads. If appropriate, she can also jump in on an unsuspecting opponent and set up a combo or gain stage control.

June is put at a major disadvantage if in the corner of a stage. With her back against the wall, she has a much harder time keeping her distance, and her options in such a state are limited. Her best hope is to make a correct read into knocking down the opponent. Knocking down her opponent gives her time to force a mixup into escaping from the corner, be it teleporting out, setting up projectiles over her knocked down opponent, etc.

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Below is a list of changes to the character from version to version.

Alpha 0.3.1 Edit

  • Added to the game.

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Trivia Edit

  • Her Medusa head projectile and its movement pattern reference the similar Castlevania enemy.
  • Her skull-shaped hit sparks may be a reference to Rugal Bernstein's "Gigantic Pressure" super move from the King of Fighters series.
  • June has a special unused sprite that was used as a stand-in where she has a happy smile.
    June Smile Standin

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