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Naomi is one of the flagship characters of Pocket Rumble, alongside Tenchi.


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Naomi is a fierce, spunky, and mysterious young woman in Tenchi's class. She wears a black tank top and orange jeans. Her signature accessory is her orange baseball cap with white trim, which she wears backwards over her chin-length blond hair. She also wears black-and-white sneakers and wraps her hands in bandages to protect them during fights.

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Moveset Edit

Naomi has a very rushdown-focused moveset centered around fast and aggressive attacking. Her quick movement and hard-hitting specials give her a dynamic and offense-oriented playstyle.

Movement Options Edit

Naomi can dash a set distance backward with a double-tap back, but she can also run an unlimited distance forward by tapping forward once and then holding it for the desired duration. Naomi's run is her fastest way to close distance on her opponent, which makes it one of her best and most important rushdown tools.

During a run, Naomi's jumps have a shallower arc, but cover a much greater distance at a faster speed than a standard jump. Naomi can use this "hype hop" to put aerial pressure on her opponents or dodge stray projectiles without losing her ground..

If Naomi attacks during a run, she retains a small amount of forward momentum, allowing her to perform combos that were not previously possible and slightly increasing her effective attack range.

Normals Edit

Input Description Frame Data Notes
5A A quick jab.
5B A flaming straight.
2A A forward-sliding kick. Low
2B An anti-air crouching uppercut. Low & juggles
Jumping A A downward-angled punch. Overhead
Jumping B A midair elbow smash. Overhead
Throw/Back Throw An explosive chokeslam. 2 hits

Specials Edit

Name Input Description Frame Data Notes
3A A rushing punch attack.
1A A quick hop forward followed by a straight-diving punch. Overhead & knockdown
3B An onslaught of punches. 3 hits
1B A tall pillar of flame generated by a powerful punch to the ground. Some invincibility & juggles

Meter Options Edit

Naomi gains meter by pressing A+B simultaneously while on the ground. She focuses, entering a brief animation where she produces energy from her hands. This can be done at any time, but leaves Naomi briefly vulnerable to attack and forces her to momentarily give up her offense. Naomi can spend her meter on upgraded "EX" versions of her specials.

Name Input Description Frame Data Notes
Charge A+B Naomi charges a single peg of meter. 2 stocks of 2 pegs each max
3A+B 3A followed immediately by a shortened 3B. 3 hits, costs 1 stock
1A+B 1A followed immediately by 1B. Overhead, some invincibility, juggles, costs 1 stock

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Revisions Edit

Below is a list of changes to the character from version to version.

Pre-Alpha to Alpha Edit

  • Standing B was changed from an overhead hopping straight to a standing straight.
  • Her grab was added.
  • Her DF+B special was added.
  • Her winpose was added.

Alpha 0.2.1 Edit

  • EX moves now cost 2 pegs of meter, up from 1.

Alpha 0.2.2 Edit

  • Hype Hop start-up removed.
  • DB+A can now cross up.
  • Can now cancel run into a grab.

Alpha 0.2.4 Edit

  • DB+B -1f startup, -1f active, +1f recovery. Invuln duration decreased.

Alpha 0.3.4 Edit

  • DB+B +3 frames to recovery, -1 frames to blockstun, less pushback
  • DB+A+B +2 frames to recovery, -1 frames to blockstun, knocks higher, less pushback
  • DF+A +3 frames to recovery, +3 frames to hitstun/blockstun
  • DF+A+B -1 frames to hitstun/blockstun

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Trivia Edit

  • Her original design heavily resembled Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard: She was primarily colored red instead of orange, wore a trucker cap, a ponytail, and a vest, and had a slightly different stance.

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