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Kickstarter Video (60FPS)08:03

Kickstarter Video (60FPS)

Pocket Rumble Kickstarter video The game looks better now, but this is some history and serves as a good introduction to the game.

This wiki is a fan-made, community maintained resource about Pocket Rumble.

Pocket Rumble wiki aims to be an encyclopedic resource for Pocket Rumble, including both historic and new information about the game, those who contributed to its development, and the community and events that surround it.

Since the wiki was founded in June 2015, 54 articles have been created. Any help in adding to and improving the wiki is appreciated.

About Pocket Rumble

Pocket Rumble is a fighting game created by Cardboard Robot Games, designed to be reminiscent of classic Neo Geo Pocket fighting games, with simplified gameplay and controls to make the game more accessible while still being deep and balanced in high level competitive play.

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  • See the Tournaments page for a list of upcoming and current tournaments—both those held in-person and online.


  • See the Events page for a list of upcoming and current tournaments—both those held in-person and online.

Community groups:

  • See the Community groups page for a global list of Pocket Rumble community groups that meet to play or discuss Pocket Rumble—in-person or online.

Featured media

Video Fan art Interview
Pocket Rumble Alpha v0.2.0 Tenchi vs00:55

Pocket Rumble Alpha v0.2.0 Tenchi vs. Naomi Gameplay

Pocket Rumble cast and Baz from Divekick by Otaku Jay


For more fan art, see: Fan art

Shoryuken interview:

Pocket Rumble Interview with Cardboard Robot Games (September 2013)

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