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Pocket Rumble wiki is a fan-made, community maintained resource about Pocket Rumble

Pocket Rumble wiki aims to be an encyclopedic resource for Pocket Rumble, including both historic and new information about the game, those who contributed to its development, and the community and events that surround it.

Any help in adding to and improving the wiki is appreciated.

History Edit

Creation and re-opening

Pocket Rumble wiki was first created by BixHD.

It was closed for unknown reasons (probably when the first Pocket Rumble Kickstarter project wasn't successful), but was re-opened by Bruce in early 2015 after Pocket Rumble was successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Social media presence

In June 2015, a Pocket Rumble wiki Twitter page and Google+ profile were created to share news about the wiki and Pocket Rumble.

Developer involvement

In a Reddit thread, a Cardboard Robot Games employee said this about Pocket Rumble Wiki[1]:

This is super, super impressive given what we've shown so far. Great work! I'd love to contribute something myself, but I don't really like being the "authority" on what info is put up there, so I think I'll just watch it grow :)

Post-launch I'd definitely put the frame data on the wiki for characters, though!

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How to contribute Edit

See the Projects page (to do list) page.

How to stay informed of wiki news and updates Edit

News about the wiki can be found on the Pocket Rumble wiki:

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  1. 22 June 2015