Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Moves list Edit

Normals Edit

Input Description Frame Data Notes
5A A quick claw attack. Chains into itself. 4/2/5
5B A lunging claw attack. 12/4/19 Knockdown
2A A short claw swipe. 5/4/9 Low
2B A sliding lunge attack. 6/4/24 Low & knockdown
Jumping A A diagonal claw slash. 9/17/7 Can be used off wall cling
Jumping B A downward claw slash. Cross up normal. 11/17/7 Can be used off wall cling
Throw A chest pierce into an outward slash. 2 hits & knockdown
Back Throw A chest pierce into a backwards toss. 2 hits & knockdown

Specials Edit

Input Description Frame Data Notes
3A A sliding lunge attack. 12/5/8 Juggles
1A A back step into a lunge attack. 11/6/11 Juggles
3B An uppercut swipe. 11/9/11 Juggles
1B An broad outward, overhead slash 6/10/23 Juggles. Invuln through attack frames

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Below is a list of changes to the character from version to version.

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