• The wiki needs categories. They help people locate things and make editing easier.

    I've created a list of proposed categories on the Categories project page

    We were discussing categories there, but you don't get any notifications of new comments and the reply functionality isn't good, so let's talk about it here instead. 

    Feel free to add to the page, though please don't edit the contents of other people's proposed category lists or notes. 

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      • I changed "developers" to "development team"
      • so it was clear that we're talking about the Pocket Rumble developers, not other game developers. 
      • because there were people on the team who weren't specifically developers, but did contribute to the game's development
      • I added community members under People (one day we might create pages for individual community members--like there may be a page for Daigo Umehara for Street Fighter wikis)
      • I added Article management templates
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    • New proposed categories:

      • Community content
      • Media
      • Guides and resources
      • About the game
      • Game mechanics [formerly known as "systems and tech"]

      Bold headings would be parent categories. 

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    • Admin message: 

      Please look at the proposed categories . Any feedback? If not, I'm going to begin implementing them. 

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    • seems like a big improvement. go for it!

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    • A FANDOM user
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